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Pic2Go is a photo sharing system for events. Pictag barcodes are included on your bib number and the Pic2Go system uses them to catalogue bib numbers in the event photos.

This enables us to share your event photos with you live during the day of the event.

Please make sure your bib number is visible on your front during the event when you pass our photographers.

For more detail on how it works for the Mighty Hike events, please click here.

Please make sure that your bib number is worn flat on your FRONT so that the Pic2Go barcodes are visible to the cameras.

Do NOT fold your bib number and make sure you do not put your safety pins through the barcodes.

When you have your finish media wall photos please hold your medals up in celebration, this will ensure that they don’t obscure your number from view.

Absolutely yes!!

Share your photos on social media or email them round with a link to your JustGiving page, and inspire people with your amazing achievement!

When you sign up for your photos you will also be asked to enter the link to your JustGiving Page so that the link is included in your gallery with your photos to make it as easy as possible for your friends and family to make a donation.

Once you know what your bib number will be for the event you can register to receive your photos on the sign up page here.

You can sign up at any time; before, during or after the event.

When you sign up for your photos you will also be asked to enter the link to your JustGiving Page so that the link is included in your gallery with your photos to make it as easy as possible for your friends and family to make a donation.

When you register before the event your sign up is acknowledged and you will then receive an email on the day of the event once images of you are available on the system. This will include a link inviting you to activate your personal gallery so you can view your photos.

If you complete your registration after we have started uploading photos on the day of the event then you will be able to immediately activate your personal gallery to view and share the images of your achievement. Any new photos added during the course of the day after you’ve activated your gallery will also be added to your personal gallery for you as soon as they are available.

You will collect your bib number when you arrive at your event.

After the event, you can also find your bib number on Results Base:

Pic2Go uses social media sharing with Facebook to do the heavy lifting of creating thousands of bespoke galleries for each individual participant on demand live on event day. This means we are able to get your photos to you as quickly as possible in a personalised way so you can share them with your friends and family in the moment to celebrate your achievement and help with your final fundraising for the event.

Click here to register your bib number for your Mighty Hike.

We understand that not everyone has or wants a Facebook account. If you do not use Facebook yourself you could ask a trusted friend or family member who has a Facebook account to register your bib number and share the link to you.

If you are unable to access your photos in this way, the Macmillan Mighty Hike team also email a link to a separate gallery hosted by Sussex Sport Photography in the week after your hike where you can search for your photos using your bib number. Unfortunately, this is not live as the photos have to be uploaded after the event, so please wait a few days for this email to arrive.

When you share the link to your gallery on Facebook, as with any post you make, you have full control over the privacy settings. When the share post dialogue box comes up it will default to the privacy setting from your last post. If you want to check out your photos before others see them then simply make sure the privacy is set to ‘only me’ – the options are usually located in a drop down box towards the lower right of the dialogue box. You can edit the privacy setting in the post on your feed at any time.

Your images are hosted on Pic2Go servers, NOT on Facebook. Facebook is used as a means for you to share and get the link to the images in your gallery, not to store them. Your images are shared to you on our web based platform, RunPage.

Your personal photos are hosted on our gallery platform called Runpage. This gives you your individual photos in a personalised gallery bespoke to you.

Your page includes some details about the event, a link to your JustGiving Page, your photos and your photo video montage.

You can also customise the page, pick your favourite image as you header, create your personal poster and even add some of the photos you took on the day to your gallery so the memories are all in one place.

As well as our team of photographers around the course there is usually a PR photographer(s) capturing a wider range of images from the day for Macmillan. Our photographers will be wearing yellow and orange Pic2Go or Sussex Sport Photography branded high vis vests.

Generally our photographers capture you as you pass by on your journey through the course and don’t ask you to stop. One exception to this is on the Jurassic Coast course near Durdle Door.

Although you walked together it is possible your bib number wasn’t visible to the camera in all those shots. Simply drop us a line using the contact page and let us know both your bib number and your friend’s and we’ll get the photos updated so they appear in your gallery too.

Once all the photos from the event have been uploaded and catalogued we create a personalised video montage of your event using your photos. This is a great way to share a summary of the story of the day. Generating thousands of individual videos does take a lot of background processing power so you will usually get a notification a couple of days after the event that your video is now ready. The video is only available on your Runpage.

This usually happens if you included emojis in the text you added for the link to your fundraising page. To resolve this, simply go through the signup process again but do not include emojis in your text.

If you didn’t use emojis and are getting the continuously loading loop this is usually a browser or operating system version issue. If you have an alternative device you can use for the sign up process this often provides a quick work around. If you have tried this or don’t have another device available then please contact us outlining the difficulty you are having and we will look into this for you and do our best to get your photos to you as soon as possible.

This is usually caused by a typo during the registration sign up. The number registered is displayed in the header section of your RunPage Gallery. Please check if this number matches your bib number and if not please repeat the registration process for the correct bib number. If the bib number is correct, please check the event name at the top of the gallery, if it is not the event you participated in please select your event on the sign up page and repeat the registration process.

Our photographers get this comment a lot when out working at events. We know you’re working hard on the hills and perhaps don’t feel you’re looking your best. Our teams aren’t always at the top of hill, however, if they are it’s because the views at those points are amazing and they do make for great storytelling moments for you to look back on.

All the photos from the Macmillan Mighty Hikes are provided to you with a license for personal private use. This means you are free to share them on your social media platforms, add them to your JustGiving Page, print copies, add them to a personal blog or a family newsletter. We retain copyright of the images.

They are not licensed for commercial use. Anyone who wishes to use the images for commercial purposes must contact us to discuss their requirements so we can work out the correct licencing.

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