As part of your experience at the Mighty Hikes your official event photographs are provided for free. Using Pic2Go technology we deliver your professional photographs to you live on event day in a personalised gallery.

At each Mighty Hike we have a team of photographers capturing the story of the event. As you take on your challenge you’ll typically see our photographers near the event start, at several locations on the course and as you make you way to the finish line. Then there’s the all important celebration photo opportunity with your medal at the media wall.

We identify you using your bib number, please ensure it is worn clearly on your front during the event.

Your Personal Gallery

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When you know your bib number for your event you can register your number. You will be asked to log in to your Facebook account as part of the registration.

Fundraising Link

Make sure you have the link to your JustGiving Page to hand when you register. This is then added to your photo gallery making it easy for people to donate.

On The Day

During the event make sure your bib number is visible on your front and give our photographers a smile. We use the black square codes on your bib number to identify you, please do not fold your number or put pins through these codes.

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When there are photos of you available you will be prompted to post the link to your gallery on your Facebook timeline. Make sure you set your desired privacy level on the post and continue to see all your event day photos in your personal gallery.

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Your friends and family will be inspired by your achievement.


Including the link to your fundraising page will help grow your donations.

Privacy Settings

You select and set the privacy setting on your post so it is viewable by the audience you want. Default setting is the same as the last post you made.


Sharing your photos allows you to celebrate in the moment and for years to come.

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