To sign up for you photos you need to know your bib number for your Macmillan Mighty Hike which you will receive at the event.
On event day, please ensure your bib number is clearly visible on your front for the duration of the event.

Register for Your Yorkshire Dales Mighty Hike Photos

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Share your achievement

Give our photographers a smile when you see them around the course and at the finish. Don’t forget to have your medal photo taken at the media wall too.

Once your photos hit our server you’ll be able to share them with your friends and family so they can help you celebrate your amazing achievement in the moment whilst you’re really buzzing and for years to come. Pick your favourites and add them to your JustGiving page to help with your final fundraising!!

Before the event

If you complete your registration before the event you will receive an email on the day once images of you are available inviting you to activate your personal gallery.

On the day or after the event

If you complete your registration after we have started uploading photos on the day of the event then you will be able to immediately activate your personal gallery to view and share the images of your achievement. Any new photos added during the course of the day after you’ve activated your gallery will also be added to your personal gallery for you as soon as they are available.