Below you’ll find answers to questions we are often asked.

If you have a question you can’t find the answer to, please use the Contact Us page.

Please make sure that your bib number is worn flat on your FRONT so that the barcodes are visible to the cameras.

Do NOT fold your bib number and make sure you do not put your safety pins through the barcodes.

When you have your finish media wall photos please hold your medals up in celebration, this will ensure that they don’t obscure your number from view.

Absolutely yes!!

Share your photos on social media or email them round with a link to your JustGiving page, and inspire people with your amazing achievement!

Don’t forget to use the event hashtag #mightyhike

When you set up the sharable link for your photos you will also be prompted for the link to your JustGiving Page so that the link is included in your social media story to link to your photos to make it as easy as possible for your friends and family to make a donation.

You are not required to sign into any social media accounts to access your photos. Sharing is hugely encouraged so that your family, friends, colleagues and as many people as possible know about the amazing challenge you’ve taken on. Sharing your fundraising page along with photo proof of your hard work is a great way to boost your donations.

Remember to use the hashtag #mightyhike when you share your photos to help spread the word about the amazing Mighty Hike series and all the wonderful Mighty Hikers supporting Macmillan.

Once you know what your bib number will be for the event you can enter your bib number and set up a sharable link to your Mighty Hike photo gallery search results. Use the sign up page here.

You can sign up at any time; before, during or after the event.

When you sign up for your photos you will also be asked to enter the link to your JustGiving Page so that the link is included in the social media story text we generate along with the link to your photos to make it as easy as possible for your friends and family to make a donation.

You will collect your bib number when you arrive at your event.

After the event, you can also find your bib number on Results Base:

If you are searching for your photos before the event there will not be anything uploaded. During the course of the event day we upload the photos so you will start to see photos of you when you search for your bib number.

If we were not able to see your bib number clearly on the day then your photos may be in the ‘unidentified’ category. To search through the unidentified photos please use 000 (three zeros) in the search instead of your bib number.

If you are still unable to locate photos of yourself from the day then please use the contact us page to get in touch so we can help further:

As well as our team of photographers around the course there is usually a PR photographer(s) capturing a wider range of images from the day for Macmillan. Our photographers will be wearing yellow and orange Pic2Go or Sussex Sport Photography branded high vis vests.

Generally our photographers capture you as you pass by on your journey through the course and don’t ask you to stop.

Although you walked together it is possible your bib number wasn’t visible to the camera in all those shots. Simply drop us a line using the contact page and let us know both your bib number and your friend’s and we’ll get the photos updated so they appear in your gallery too.

This is usually caused by a typo when searching for your photos. Please check if this number displayed by the photos matches your bib number and if not please repeat the search process for the correct bib number. If the bib number is correct, please check the event name at the top of the gallery, if it is not the event you participated in please select your event on the sign up page and repeat the search process.

Our photographers get this comment a lot when out working at events. We know you’re working hard on the hills and perhaps don’t feel you’re looking your best. Our teams aren’t always at the top of hill, however, if they are it’s because the views at those points are amazing and they do make for great storytelling moments for you to look back on.

All the photos from the Macmillan Mighty Hikes are provided to you with a license for personal private use. This means you are free to share them on your social media platforms, add them to your JustGiving Page, print copies, add them to a personal blog or a family newsletter. We retain copyright of the images.

They are not licensed for commercial use. Anyone who wishes to use the images for commercial purposes must contact us to discuss their requirements so we can work out the correct licencing.

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