It is strongly recommended that you post photos of your achievement onto your fundraising pages as soon as possible after the event – this has been proven to help increase and raise even more sponsorship providing proof that brings your achievement to life – and we want to help you do just that!

If your number was not visible on your front for some or all of your Mighty Hike you can use search for your photos using the backup searchable gallery. This enables you to search using your bib number as well as browse through images we have been unable to identify.

This gallery is separate to the Pic2Go system and it takes a few days of manual checking, data management and upload to prepare and structure the photos to make them available in the backup searchable gallery. The backup galleries are usually available 3 – 4 days after your Mighty Hike whereas photos in the Pic2Go system are available to you live on event day – to help you raise more sponsorship as soon as possible!

The backup searchable gallery does NOT require a social media account to access the photos.

Please click on your gallery link below to be taken to the right event gallery. Instructions are available on the page, you will need your bib number to search for any identified photos of yourself in the event.

You can view unidentified photos by using 000 (three zeros) as the bib number for your search.

When you find photos of yourself on this gallery you can download them for FREE. On a PC or laptop this is best done by adding them to the cart and selecting the free option, on a mobile or tablet the ‘download now’ text above a preview image is the easiest method. (Note: the downloaded images will NOT have the diagonal watermarks)

Upgrade and Celebrate

Because we know these events are special achievements there are also options to purchase printed copies or high resolution copies of the photos from this gallery so you can proudly display them for many years to come.
Don’t forget to use your free downloads on your sponsorship page and your social media accounts along with your fundraising links to celebrate your achievement and help people make donations.

Norfolk Coast

20th – 21st May 2023

South Coast

10th – 11th June 2023

Lake District

17th – 18th June 2023

Giants Causeway

24th June 2023

Yorkshire Dales

1st July 2023

Gower Peninsula

8th July 2023

Northumberland Coast

15th – 16th July 2023

Thames Path

15th – 16th July 2023

Peak District

22nd – 23rd July 2023

Rob Roy

2nd – 3rd September 2023

Jurassic Coast

9th – 10th September 2023

Wye Valley

9th September 2023